Terms and Conditions

If you have any questions regarding your booking or our terms please contact us directly, we are here to help, we are an honest, friendly company with high levels of integrity, we value your custom and feedback, please always talk to us as we will to you, our aim is to please you and leave you with a smile and satisfaction.

(For the purpose of this document we and us means moveitclearitfinditstoreit and it’s staff, you means you our customer and anyone present with you at the time of your booking such as family members or friends)

1 Booking, queries and confirmations
1.1 A query of a date or availability in any form including ‘pencilled’ in is not a confirmed booking but we will always notify you if your pencilled in date has been requested by another customer.
1.2 Confirmed bookings are agreed by email and require payment in full or deposit as stated, we understand you may need funds to clear from a house sale before making payment in full.
1.3 We are contactable in every way and return all calls and queries as soon as we can.

2 Quotes and Estimates
2.1 An estimate however given by us is not a confirmed quote and additional charges may be added when the survey is completed or additional information is obtained to complete a booking.
2.2 A quote has no additional charges unless the booking is increased from what has been agreed, ie additional works, rebuild of furniture, packing.
2.3 Quotes are valid for 30 days after which we may need to return to your property and re quote
2.4 Hourly rates are charged by the hour and always have a minimum charge of one hour.
2.5 All prices are quoted and priced from our location in Ipswich IP5 as a starting and return point, mileage is charged at 0.50p for vehicles unto 3.5t per mile unless stated otherwise.
2.6 We can not reduce a quote for a cash payment ie removing HMRC taxation and VAT as this would be illegal and immoral to do so and invalidate any insurance or legalities.
2.7 Pricing and quotation changes can only be authorised by the company Director.

3 Making a payment
3.1 We accept all payment types, where stated or requested funds must be cleared before we proceed with the booking, we reserve the right to refuse any payment type should we believe illegal activity is taking place by accepting such payment, ie fraud, fake cards, payment by deception or force.
3.2 Unless different payment terms have been discussed and offered by us all bookings must be paid for in accordance with the agreement made when booking.
3.3 Commercial/business customers if agreed by us will be invoiced on 30 day terms from issue, otherwise in all cases nvoices are due for immediate process and must clear within 7 days of issue or additional charges will be added.

4 Deposits
4.1 When a booking is confirmed we may request payment in full or a deposit normally by bacs.
4.2 Deposits are refundable but there are exceptions, see cancellations below.

5 Cancellations and postponements
5.5 We are happy to move your booking date to a new date should there be any unexpected changes at no additional charge, if we are not available on your new date we will refund any payment in full made by you however we can not refund any payments made should you choose to cancel within 48hrs of your booking, we may require further information to verify the situation.
5.6 We have never had cause to cancel a booking, however if through some extreme circumstance we did we would refund you fully and sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused.
5.7 Should our vehicles fail we will endeavour to replace them or repair them and carry on with your booking, if this is not possible we will refund you in full or rearrange your booking date where possible.
5.8 Should our staff fail to attend work due to sickness we will endeavour to arrange staffing cover with minimal disruption, if this is not possible we will attend with what resources we have and proceed with your booking explaining the changes and how they may effect your booking.

6 Access, parking, fines
6.1 Please arrange any parking permits and conditions regarding your move and advise us so we can assist and be aware.
6.2 We are responsible for any fines regarding vehicle usage such as traffic offences and parking fines through our own negligence.

7 Key waiting
7.1 We will not charge you any additional costs for key waiting, we will however ask to be updated regularly so we can work with you to plan accordingly.
7.2 We will discuss with you any additional storage requirements should the need arise due to key waiting but you will have to make these additional payments, unless stated otherwise in the booking confirmation, if we are able to store your goods overnight on our vehicles and unload the following day of course there will be no additional charge for storage but the new unloading time will be charged accordingly between £60-80+vat per hour, mileage charges and hire charges incurred may also be charged.
7.3 Whilst waiting if we can not unload any items we have the right to engage in other business matters such as calls, promotions and online activity or breaks and refreshments.
7.4 Should the delay exceed the expected end time of the quoted booking we will confirm with you any additional charges that may occur and plan accordingly taking into consideration any risks and staff working hours.

8 Communication
8.1 We will always communicate with you effectively so please also inform us of anything we need to know, we are very accommodating.
8.2 We will normally call, text and email you.
8.3 If we can not contact you we reserve the right to make additional arrangements and executive decisions based on what we feel is best for you, your belongings and the situation.
8.4 We endeavour to be punctual but due to the nature of our industry we can not help delays due to traffic etc, we will always keep you updated.

9 Insurances
9.1 We have full cover for our vehicles, goods in transit, public liability, employers liability and our documents can be sent to you should you request them, our insurances are provided by Drayton, Capel St Mary, Suffolk.
9.2 Please inform us of any particular items of high monetary value so we can arrange additional insurance if it exceeds our covered limit. (Goods In Transit £10,000, Public Liability £2,000,000)
9.3 We reserve the right to not partake in any activity not covered in our insurances.

10 Packing and self packing
10.1 If you self pack please use appropriate wrap, materials, strong boxes, strong bags and protection as we can not be responsible for any boxes or bags packed by yourselves, mark rooms, fragile as required.
10.2 If we pack for you we are fully responsible for all items packed and signed off by us until they return to your possession, ie during packing, transport, loading and unloading, unpacking where we unpack.
10.3 When moving items to/from storage we can not be responsible for damage caused by another party when completing the opposite move, we can only be responsible for proven damage caused by us or fully responsible when we have moved you to and from storage and no one has accessed the property between except damage caused by a third party, ie damage caused by a leak at a storage centre or damp in a container.

11 Customer Assistance
11.2 If you wish to assist with any part of your booking we can not insure any part of this work, if we are lifting with you for example.

12 Accidents and damages
12.1 If we are fully responsible for damaging your belongings we will happily replace the item or make an insurance claim as agreed by us and you in an amicable and mutually satisfactory manner.
12.2 If we re not fully responsible for damaging your belongings ie self packing or self moving of items we can not be responsible.
12.3 If we have an accident whilst at work it will be recorded on our app and may be sent to the HSE for record management, we must call for medical assistance or provide First Aid to any staff or other people present should the need arise and can not be responsible for any delay this may cause.
12.4 Any damage caused by you to our vehicles or equipment will be discussed with you and compensation may be required, we reserve the right to postpone any works until an agreement is reached.
12.5 In every instance we must be notified of any concern you may have within 30 days after your booking, sooner is recommended so we can investigate and reach a resolution quickly.
12.6 We can not be held responsible for any injury in any way to you, your friends, family, animals present in any way unless we are responsible in full.

13 Furniture De/Re assembly
13.1 If we take anything apart we will notify you of anything we find such as damage, ie bowing, missing parts, threading etc and show you as we discover it so you are aware.
13.2 We can not be responsible for any damage to any pre built furniture that we further de/re assemble.
13.3 When making new furniture we are fully responsible for any damages that occur through our negligence.

14 Appliances and misc items
14.1 We can not disconnect gas or electric items other than unplugging nor take apart plugs, we will show you should this occur and explain the best course of action, we can recommend qualified people to assist but please ask for these details and make arrangements before your booking.
14.2 We can not be responsible for electrical or mechanical faults that occur via movement or whilst in transit and recommend you check instructions with regards to settling times and re programming, ie washing machines, clocks, fridges/freezers.

15 Condition
15.1 Please tell us of any issues you are aware of regarding an items condition that may effect it when being moved.
15.2 We may advise of simple non damaging de assembly/strengthening procedures before moving an item to reinforce and protect them and will discuss these with you.

16 What you need to do
16.1 Talk to us! Before or during your booking if you need to tell us something helpful or relevant just let us know so we can make an informed decision.
16.2 Be prepared! Make the working area as safe as possible, reduce hazards and risk, inform us of any changes or information that will help us.
16.3 If you are suffering from ill health please inform us of any matters that may require additional PPE or any contagious conditions so we can work safely.
16.4 Let us know of any agreed handover time when moving so we can plan accordingly, we can not be responsible for any delay regarding handover times.

17 Risk assessment
17.1 We Risk assess all items we move and clear, if for any unforeseen reason we need additional equipment or are not able to safely move an item we will notify you and may need to be rescheduled and this can incur additional costs.
17.2 If you enter our vehicles you do so at your own risk but we are fully insured to carry passengers and happy to do so, we do not allow smoking in our vehicles.
17.3 If our staff fall ill at work we will endeavour to arrange additional cover and always complete possible tasks with the remaining workforce, additional works relying on specific numbers of staff may have to be rescheduled.
17.4 We try and keep carpets clean using mats and covers but can not be responsible for any damage to carpets other than damage caused by accident ie spillage where we are responsible, we also can not remove our shoes.
17.5 We protect and cover furniture, when packing we also additional wrap items with plastic and cardboard but can not be responsible for any damage caused by the elements, rain is particularly hazardous and note when self packing to make sure everything is covered that may mark or be damaged by rain or snow.
17.6 We always try and position items where you want them but can not be responsible for fitment and location issues, ie a sofa not fitting out a door or a wardrobe not fitting up stairs, we can not damage furniture or mark it/property to make it fit.

18 Hazardous materials and animals
18.1 Please make sure the location we are working in is free from obvious hazards during your booking such as toys and make sure children and animals are appropriately looked after for their safety.
18.2 We are not insured to carry animals in any way and can not be responsible for any injury or worse that may happen to them in any way should they travel with you.

19 Additional works
19.1 If additional works are required we will always communicate with you what they are and how much they will cost so you can make a decision to whether we proceed.
19.2 We are not responsible for the conduct or workmanship of any other company we may recommend for household and general services but rest assured-if we had concerns about them we would not recommend them in the first place, we have a network of excellent skilled professionals who can assist with most issues.
19.3 We will not sub contract your booking to any other company.

20 Acceptance by return
20.1 We have a paperless office and when emailing you we receive your acceptance by return email, it is better for the environment too.

21 Ownership and purchases
21.1 When clearing properties we take ownership of all items agreed in the booking on commencing the booking.
21.2 When purchasing items or house clearances we reserve the right to adjust the quote should additional items be added or taken away from what was initially agreed.

22 Disposals and charitable distribution
22.1 We will donate to charity and needy individuals what we can
22.2 We will send items to sale and will inform you of this
22.3 We will dispose legally and recycle at approved centres, we are registered waste carriers CBDU40167.
22.4 We can not dispose of paint and hazardous materials such as asbestos but we can recommend professionals who can.

23 Non payment and debt collection
23.1 Unpaid invoices incur additional charges, currently £40 plus interest from the overdue date of 8%, each additional invoice sent after the overdue period incurs an administration charge of £50+vat.
23.2 Once an invoice is overdue we reserve the right to sell the debt and/or instruct a collection agency to work on our behalf to collect the debt, we have no responsibility to any effect this has on you, your company or credit ratings.
23.3 We reserve the right to refuse invoice terms to customers who have previously failed to pay invoices within the agreed timeframes.

24 Social Media, photography and videography
24.1 We may share photos and videos of your booking online, ie you, us, work in progress online through social media and websites, if you don’t want us to just let us know, if you do see any images or videos used by us you do not want published just let us know and we will remove them.
24.2 All our images and content are our own, our intellectual property, subject to copyright and must not be shared or used without our permission.

25 Libel, defamation, slander
25.1 All derogatory comments regarding our company, staff and practices that are untrue, malicious or cause alarm, harassment or distress wherever they are recorded, ie written, verbal, online will be treated as libel, slander or defamation as appropriate and will result in legal action against you by our legal representative and will be reported to the police where required.
25.2 We will not respond to demands, threats or compromises by other companies or individuals however they may be received and where required such will be reported to the police.

26 Right to refuse service
26.1 We have the right to refuse any part of a booking if following a risk assessment we believe the task to be unsafe.
26.2 We have the right to refuse service to anyone who appears to be under the influence of any substance or is partaking in any such activity whilst we are partaking in your booking.
26.3 We have the right to refuse service to anyone who is aggressive towards us or incites aggression.
26.4 We will not tolerate discriminative comments or behaviour in any way and will deal with such as a warning or refusal of service depending on it’s severity, this applies to comments to us, between you and/or a third party, we have the right to report such matters to the police.
26.5 Where required should we believe a crime is being committed or has been committed we have the right to inform the police and withhold any goods concerned until they arrive.
26.6 We can not move hazardous materials and have the right to refuse to do so.
26.7 We have a non smoking policy and have the right to refuse service if you are smoking within a confined space without the legal requirement of exposure and air supply.

28 Vat, Hmrc, paye and Compliancy
28.1 We are a VAT registered company and can not perform any work without adding VAT, we can only adhere to the legal VAT reductions and exemptions.
28.2 We are fully HMRC compliant, a registered company with companies house our tax returns are listed online and all our bookings are recorded and taxable by HMRC, we do not complete any work ‘off the books’ as we will not compromise our company, integrity and trust with you.
28.3 We are also HR compliant and have a legally binding company handbook and a full set of company policies.
28.4 Our staff are employed by us and have contracts, our staff are paid legally via PAYE.
28.5 We reserve the right to employ consultants and specialists where required, they will invoice us for their services and are not employed by us, they are self employed.

29. Your information and rights
29.1 We will not share your personal information without asking your permission first, we do not sell your information or provide it to any mailing lists, your information is not recorded in any mass storage software system accessible to others, your information is only accessible to us.
29.2 All information we record about your booking is password protected and emails are marked and protected accordingly.
29.3 We fully respect your rights and advise if you are unhappy with any aspect of our service to contact us directly by phone to discuss the matter and let us resolve it for you, for independent advice you can contact your local Trading Standards office and Citizens Advice Office.
29.4 We can supply all recorded communications with you we have available should you ask such as emails, our visit dates/times, appropriate risk assessments.

Matt Allman ltd t/a moveitclearitfinditstoreit
Registered Address; 33 Playford Rd, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP45QZ
VAT 275286963
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